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Erika L Rich - SEO Specialist

Erika L. Rich

Co-founder, CEO & Managing Partner
SEO Expert, Content Marketer & Social Relationship Strategist

Creating, programming and ranking websites since 1999, Erika has an in depth knowledge of just what makes websites tick from the inside out and why a business should have one. She co-founded RUWebby, LLC in 1999, a company that was dedicated to developing and launching websites run on a proprietary content management system. As the years went by and customers needed someone to manage their online marketing presence and search engine optimization it made sense to create a subsidiary to handle that aspect of the business and Blue Willow Media Group, LLC was formed.

Besides years of development experience, Erika spends hundreds of hours every year researching, learning, and staying on top of every new online outlet and social media asset that comes along. Blue Willow Media Group is the result of years of experimentation with methodologies that have proven to work to help ensure that a business is well exposed to as many customers as possible.